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message form the president


    as the earliest domestic enterprise engaging in the new energy development, china longyuan power has long been playing a leading role in china’s wind power industry. its installed capacity of wind power now ranks second in the world. in recent years, guided by the strategy of “ushering in the business transformation by vigorously developing the new energy” in china guodian corporation, this company witnessed its installed capacity of wind power grow by 2 million kw on a yearly basis and succeeded in extending the business into the new fields including the offshore, overseas, high altitude, and low speed wind power sectors, therefore cutting a brilliant figure in the domestic wind power industry.  

    the sustainable development of the human society remains an arduous task that the whole world has to be confronted with in the 21st century. the harmonious development of economy, society, resources, and environment needs to be driven by the clean and green energy. we are dedicated to the development of new energy sources like the wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, and biomass energy. we have blown the horn of developing the new energy sources on the land of china, played an important role in helping this country save energy and reduce emission, and made outstanding contributions to the transformation of china guodian corporation and the development of the low-carbon economy in this country.

    taking the development of green energy and building a harmonious environment as its mission, china longyuan power not only provides green electricity to the society, but also actively serves the society and fulfills its social responsibility. when developing the natural resources, we closely follow the natural law and earnestly carry out relevant measures in a bid to strengthen ecological environment protection; as to the public welfare undertakings, we launched a series of activities such as helping the poor students and people with disabilities, assisting the needy and protecting the environment to contribute to the society through multiple channels, thus building a good corporate image.   

    we’d like to join hands with friends from all walks of life, work harder to promote the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of china’s power industry and make greater contributions to building a resource-saving and environmental-friendly society.