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    as global energy shortage, oil price rises, environmental pollution and climate warming issues become increasingly prominent, governments worldwide have taken the development of new energy as a major strategic choice for seeking sustainable development approach and cultivating new economic growth points. the 18th cpc national congress put ecological civilization construction in a prominent position and put forward the construction of beautiful china. striving to develop new energies and promoting energy production and consumption revolution is an important guarantee for constructing ecological civilization and beautiful china.

    china longyuan power is the pioneer of new energy industry in china, and the company has always been dedicated to developing and utilizing clean, efficient and sustainable new energy since the establishment. through productive exploration and practice over the years, its wind power has maintained an industry-leading level in scale and efficiency. the company has also established complete new energy power generation systems including solar energy, biomass energy, tidal energy and geothermal energy, thus forming core competition advantages with leading strategies, management and technologies. as a listed new energy company in international capital market, we will always adhere to the operation principle “good faith, profession, standardization, efficiency”, and repay investors and the society with outstanding achievements.

    the development and utilization of green energy resources will simply never be an economic topic. what it conveys is the expectation for good life and the identification with the value system of harmonious development of environment, society and human. china longyuan power is just marching forward on the path of developing new energy based on the fundamental starting point of human well-being and sustainable social development. we will continue to follow the national strategic energy deployment and seize the world’s new energy development direction, and will untiringly struggle for building a world class listed new energy company and make more contribution to the development of global low carbon economy.