china longyuan power group corporation limtted-尊龙官方平台

qiao baoping conducting investigation and survey in heilongjiang longyuan

  during july 28-29, qiao baoping, the chairman and secretary of party leadership group of china guodian corporation visited and conducted investigation and survey in heilongjiang longyuan. mi shuhua, the member of party leadership group and vice president of china guodian corporation, li enyi, the president assistant of china cuodian corporation and president of china longyuan power, and huang qun, the secretary of party leadership group of china longyuan power accompanied the survey.

  during investigation, qiao visited deeply in longyuan yichun training center and yichun to know production and operating situations of enterprise and wind farm, discussed and exchanged with employees in production team or group to know work and life of front line employees, and condoled poverty-stricken employees.

  in the workshop, li enyi and president of heilongjiang longyuan respectively made work report for operation and development situations and next step work arrangement of china longyuan power and heilongjiang longyuan; huang qun and secretary of party committee of heilongjiang longyuan made work report respectively for party building and implementation situations of “three strictness and three practices” educational practice.

  after listened to work report, qiao proposed four requirements for later work: the first is that china longyuan power should strive to be pacesetter, improve quality, grade and strengthen advertising; the second is to further recognize the importance and urgency of disposing low-effective and invalid assets, actively carry out work, and accelerate promoting disposal of low-effective and invalid assets; the third is to seriously carry out “three strictness and three practices” educational practice, sufficiently know the significance of themed education, practically strengthen sense of responsibility and sense of mission for themed education, combine ideological education, party spirit analysis, rectification implementation, rule formulation and discipline execution, implement central deployment requirements completely by political consciousness of governing party by party and running the party strictly, firmly master five basic principles of highlighting problem orientation, strict requirement, classified education, leading the inferior by the superior, and actual effect of education, and integrate “five chapters” into enterprise development; the fourth is to concern growth and improvement of employees, concern ideological dynamics and life of employees, and create atmosphere of skill competition and creating excellence.

  persons in charge of relevant departments of china guodian corporation, and persons in charge of heilongjiang longyuan participated in the survey.