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qiao baoping conducting investigation and survey in jiangsu longyuan

  on june 10, qiao baoping, the chairman and secretary of party leadership group of china guodian corporation arrived at and conducted investigation and survey on xuyi wind farm of jiangsu longyuan. during the survey, qiao went to front production line to know production and operating situations in details, and showed solicitude to poverty-stricken employees. li enyi, the president assistant of china guodian corporation and president of china longyuan power accompanied the survey.


  after listened to the work report of china longyuan power, two subordinated wind power enterprises including jiangsu longyuan and jiangsu longyuan offshore company, and two subordinated thermal power enterprises including jiangyin sulong corporation and nantong tianshenggang corporation, qiao fully affirmed the achievements china longyuan power gained in recent years: firstly, china longyuan power continuously kept advanced level of operating performance among domestic wind power enterprises; secondly, the development promoted sturdily, wind power project developed scientifically and rigorously, projects put into operation promoted favorably; thirdly, the management level kept improving, and while professional advantage is effectively played, the leading role of wind power development in china guodian corporation system is also efficiently expressed; fourthly, big data” construction started well, complying with general requirements of centralized management, and information construction promotion of china guodian corporation; fifthly, party building and construction of party conduct and of an honest and clean government has made new achievements.


  for next step, qiao proposed eight requirements: the first is to seize opportunity, accelerate development, optimize and strengthen to create first-class enterprise; wind power development is one of the key strategies of china guodian corporation, which also complies with demands of national strategy and domestic energy structure adjustment; the second is to take scientific innovation as orientation, further improve management and benefits; based on existing performance, accelerate innovation of wind power specially aspects including technology control, and meanwhile introduce excellent talents and technologies so as to support wind power operation by scientific and technological innovation and professional research institutions; the third is to promote information and network construction of wind power management based on the platform of “big data” construction; the fourth is to optimize design, construction and financing means to continuously reduce engineering cost; promote standard management, and ceaselessly reduce construction and operating cost of offshore wind power projects; the fifth is to cultivate market competitive capacity, innovate marketing strategy, occupy market share, meet market competition and challenge, and learn advanced enterprise marketized , refined and professional experiences of china guodian corporation; the sixth is to firmly stick to the “going abroad” strategy, broaden overseas market, and expand market share; closely follow the “one belt and one road” strategy of central government, and exert the advantages and characteristics of new energy conservation and emission reduction of china guodian corporation; with strategic insight and mind, develop the spirit of hardworking, and strive to realize new breakthrough of overseas market; enhance internal control over existing overseas assets, strengthen supervision and realize sound and sustainable development of overseas enterprises; the seventh is to strengthen employee training and actually concern the life of employees; unblock career channel for employees’ growth, strengthen construction of employee “chief system”; strengthen safety facility input and safety engineering guarantee, enhance safety awareness education of employees, and implement safety production liabilities; enrich cultural life of employees in remote and tough areas, concern life and growth of employees; the eighth is to strengthen construction of basic level party conduct and of an honest and clean government; establish party and youth league organization in each wind farm completely; strengthen corruption combating and clean government construction; leaders shall work in accordance with laws and regulations without dishonest practices; strictly implement “eight regulations” of central government, carefully carry out three-strictness and three-solidness” themed education and strictly observe the “red line” of discipline.


  persons in charge of relevant departments of china guodian corporation, persons in charge of guodian jiangsu branch, and persons in charge of four subordinated units of jiangsu longyuan accompanied the survey.