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china longyuan power organized and conducted induction training for its new employees in 2011

  the second wind power basics training class for the new employees of china longyuan in 2011 opened on june 21. the training class is projected to hold eight times for the 500-plus new comers this year. of these, the first training class was held in may. as this kind of training course features quickly offering necessary and practical knowledge in a relatively short period, it can effectively satisfy some units’ urgent demand for talents. 

  offering induction training for graduates is an important step in the plan of human resource building of china longyuan and is also the first link in its training system. to improve the effect of the training in practice, this year the company made special efforts and organized all the new employees who are to engage in the management work to collectively participate in the third training class. during the training, besides the knowledge related to wind power, the company will also organize the departments concerned under its head office to give lectures on management. 


  (bai xuesong, human resource department)