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communist party committee of shanxi longyuan wind power co., ltd. conferred the honorary title of “advanced grass-roots party organization”

  on june 27, the communist party committee of shanxi longyuan wind power co., ltd. was honored with the title of “advanced grass-roots party organization” at the meeting hosted by the municipal working committee of xinzhou city, shanxi province. the holding of the meeting was to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the cpc.

  the shanxi longyuan power was established in november 2009. all its party members and leading cadres have since played a leading role in concertedly promoting the central task of the company - “stricter management, successful production and solidarity among the staff”. in order to give full play to the role of the party organizations as fighting forts and the exemplary vanguard role of the party members, the company organized and convened a meeting for all its party members, at which a party branch was set up. this move further improved the institutional framework of this business, perfected the democratic life of its party members and provided a powerful political guarantee to the sound and fast development of the company. 

  after the birth, the party branch, following the working principle of “focusing on the central task and serving the overall situation”, did a good job in serving the company’s development, providing organizational guarantee and building a harmonious team. it organized and conducted a series of activities, each with a distinct theme, such as theoretical training for party members, showing love to others, and making a solemn vow at the battle field. all these were highly praised by the staff members and the higher party organization. in short, the party committee has built a platform which is favorable for the stable operation of the company and the healthy growth of its employees.

  (zhang caihong, shanxi longyuan power)