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playing bravely in the sports field to build a strong body, longyuan workers strive for excellence---china longyuan power holds successfully the first matches of table tennis and badminton among its w

the first team matches of table tennis and badminton for the workers of china longyuan power was successfully held from march 29 to 30 in shenyang. wang jianting, member of the party leadership group and leader of the discipline inspection group of the corporation, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. 173 players from the 26 units of the corporate system had participated in the match.

in the recent years, the labor union of the corporation had always strived to promote continuously the construction of the corporate culture with china longyuan power’s characteristics as well as enrich the contents of labor union’s activities. without a staff team with strong body, we have no foundation to start our new venture. it is very significant for the prosperity of the enterprise to promote physical culture, build up worker’s health and carry forward the sports spirit.

this match was a full combination of the company’s vision – “home · stage · dream” with sports matches. in the match, we could see fierce competitions, climaxes and good news, which fully reflected the company’s high morale of integrity and coordination as well as its vigor and freshness that kept pace with the time. after the match, the players all learned from each other, created harmony and played a melody of coordination, unity and brave advance. as a result, the company had further strengthened its cohesion and centripetal force and provided strong spiritual power for the company’s construction and development.

after fierce competitions, the first prize, second prize and third prize of the team match of table tennis were presented to longyuan (shenyang) wind power co. ltd., headquarters of the corporation, chifeng xinsheng wind power co. ltd. respectively while those of badminton were won by longyuan (jiangsu) wind power co. ltd, xinjiang tianfeng wind power co. ltd, and guodian liaocheng biomass power co. ltd.

the success of this sports meeting is sure to encourage the workers of the corporate system to devote themselves to the work with more enthusiasm and energy so as to contribute more to the harmonious and healthy development of china longyuan power.